Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Years go by and times are changing
And it's becoming quite plain
My old-fashioned way of talking
Rubs against some people's grain.

All those old "farmer-boy phrases"
I use in most things I say
Are as obsolete as much of
My old world of yesterday.

Today most folks don't drive horses.
Few know what farming's about.
If I speak of "shocking corn," some
Kind of shake their heads in doubt.

They don't care much about old times.
They soon lose interest, for sure,
Anytime I start to speak of
A new use for horse manure.

Most folks that I talk to these days
Would have no idea how
To do the tugging and squeezing
Required to hand-milk a cow.

Most would need a ton of training
Just to lug in firewood logs.
If I asked them to, they wouldn't
Be of much help "slopping" hogs.

I'd prefer folks understand me,
So I've accepted this fact:
I must change my style of talking,
Completely clean up my act.

It's for certain I must give up
My old field and barnyard talk,
Build a new vocabulary
With many fresh words in stock.

I've tried slipping in some new words,
But must have learned them too late.
I used "cool" and rad." Young folks
laughed. As if they were out of date.

I''ll keep trying until I can
Get my ideas across,
As to how I'll do it, right now
I am at a complete loss.

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