Thursday, July 5, 2007


Rainbows, so soft and flimsy,
Inspire thoughts, and whimsy,
Dreams of joy
And great financial health,

But those soft, soggy hues,
Reds, greens, yellows, and blues,
Make no real
Promise of new found wealth.

I onRainbows, so soft and flimsy,ce talked to a fellow,
Not feeling too mellow
He said his
Luck had gone down the drain.

I tried to soothe his sorrow:
"Friend, perhaps tomorrow,
A rainbow
May replace the sad rain.

"When the sky is the darkest,
Your future the starkest,
Just recall
This great story of old-

"Around life's next crook and bend,
At each bright rainbow's end,
There's hid a
Large pot filled with pure gold!"

He replied, "I'll have you know
I'll count on no rainbow
To supply
Me with money to spend.

"My luck's been so bad, of late,
Success won't be my fate.
I'm sure that
I'd dig at the wrong end!"

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