Friday, July 27, 2007


Goodbye, my old friend-
We've reached life's last bend,
And the final parting
Of our ways,

But precious to me
Is each rich memory
Of our many and bright,
Happy days.

Those great times we had
In both good times and bad
Seemed to help make life's long
Trip worthwhile.

The thing, most of all,
That I'll always recall
Is the bright, warming glow
Of your smile.

We knew ups and downs,
Sharing smiles, even frowns,
Around life's quirks and sharp
Turns and bends.

Though years come and go,
You and I seemed to know
That, somehow, we would
Always be friends

Now, although you're gone,
These old memories live on,
Filled with moments and thoughts
We once shared.

I won't feel alone,
I'm so thankful I've known
You, good friend, you were true,
And you cared.

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