Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Now and then I'm amazed,
All befuddled and dazed
By some of the e-mail
I receive.

From old friends and strangers
And humor arrangers,
I've run the full gamut,
I believe.

Of the messages seen
On my monitor screen,
Some are serious, a few
Just for fun.

Art and animation
From across the nation-
Almost anywhere
Under the sun.

Many jokes are so old
They must be green with mold-
Tales I heard way back there
In my youth,

But each time they're re-done
They still bring me much fun.
And I swear that's the
Gosh-honest truth.

Before this evening ends,
I'll hear from my old friends,
Relatives and from
Strangers galore.

So, friend, send me a line,
Just to tell me you're fine
Or share with me a few
Brand-new jokes.

Believe me, I'll not fail
To enjoy all e-mail
That I get from you kind,
Friendly folks.

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